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Our technical services team is committed to helping customer pullet and layer flocks reach their full genetic potential. We accomplish this through farm visits, diagnostic testing, technical schools, and company-specific seminars. Additionally, our team develops and maintains an extensive online library of technical updates on a variety of flock health and management topics. Hy-Line North America will always provide the latest information regarding best management practices and target performance standards for all company breeds.

Hy-Line North America employs a core team of dedicated veterinarians and specialists to work directly with customers across the United States and British Columbia. Our team is ready and able to provide technical expertise on flock health, nutrition, and management issues. It is our mission to provide all customers the necessary support in order to have the best performing pullet and layer flocks.


All customers may use our state-of-the-art technical services laboratory based in Dallas Center, Iowa for routine and diagnostic serology testing. Many customers use our lab to evaluate the success of their vaccination programs and to test for several egg layer diseases. Our veterinary team reviews all serology reports and will provide consultation to customers as needed.

We also use the technical service lab to routinely monitor the health and disease status of all Hy-Line North America breeder flocks utilizing the most advanced diagnostic testing along with highly trained laboratory technicians.

Available serology testing:

  • Mycoplasma gallisepticum (MG)
  • Mycoplasma synoviae (MS)
  • Infectious Bronchitis (IBV)
  • Newcastle Disease (NDV)
  • Avian Encephalomyelitis (AE)

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Hy-Line Technical Services Lab

2583 240th Street
Dallas Center, IA 50063
Phone: (515) 992-4173
Fax: (515) 992-3203



Technical Updates

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Colibacillosis in Layers

Proper Collection and Handling of Diagnostic Samples
Part One: Serology and Blood Collection

Part Two: FTA Cards

Part 3: Swabs

Part 4: Tissue Collection and Submission for Histopathology


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Growing Management of Commercial Pullets

An Overview of Focal Duodenal Necrosis (FDN)

MG Control in Commercial Layers

Understanding the Role of the Skeleton in Egg Production

Hy-Line Research Presentations

Investing in Your Future (English)
Invirtiendo en su Futuro (Spanish)
Investing in Your Future (Russian)
Investir dans votre avenir (French)

e-wheel mobile app


E-Wheel is an electronic version of the poultry industry egg wheel. This app provides the user with a tool to calculate flock start and end dates from the number of weeks or age of a flock. In addition to this feature, the app also contains a tool to view and graph poultry commercial layer performance standards for the varieties distributed by Hy-Line North America, LLC. Hy-Line North America, LLC sells and distributes both Hy-Line and Lohmann commercial layers.